Underscore Deportes LLC
Language Service Provider
Hello! My name is Tanner Sperry. I am a recent college graduate from Denver, Colorado. I love languages and connecting people together. 

This passion led me to create a bilingual blog in 2013, where I could write about things that are important to me, and then practice translating the content. I have learned a lot about translation since then.

My first professional work in translation was a 10,000 word employee manual in 2016.

Some day I would love to work in sports, and hopefully use my Spanish at the same time. That's why I created Underscore Deportes LLC, because sports are my main specialization. I am familiar with the terms of several sports (especially baseball), and I have listened to many games on the radio.

Feel free to leave questions and comments! My Email is tanner.s@underscoredeportes.com